Ninjahamster Studios first app is a dice simulator that users can use to generate all the different dice rolls needed in a game of Games Workshop’s Blood Bowl board game.

The application covers all the dice you need to roll in a game of Blood Bowl, including:

  • D6 (six sided dice)
  • D8 (eight sided dice)
  • Block Dice ( up to 3 Block dice)
  • Weather Roll (2 D6 totalled)
  • Kick Off Result (2 D6 totalled)
  • Injury Roll (combination of D6 and D8)

The app is available in two versions, the lite version which offers all the base functionality, including all the dice rolls above and the paid for version, which offers extended functionality including the ‘shake to roll’ feature, as well as the removal of adverts.

Both versions of the application can be found in the Android Marketplace and several updates are already planned.

Example screenshots from the BB Dice Simulator