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New Version

Hi all,

I’ve just released a new version to the Android marketplace, this version (1.1) includes a new armour calculation, rolling two dice and adding them together to see if you break the opponents armour.

You can select any skills you may have such as Mighty Blow or Claw and these will affect the result.

You’ll be told the total you rolled, as well as if you broke the armour with or without the skills being used.

As usual – any bugs let me know.





We’re Live!

The first couple of Android applications from Ninjahamster Studios have been release.

BB Dice and BB Dice Lite, are dice simulators for the Games Workshop Blood Bowl board game, these apps let you simulate every dice roll you need in a game of Bloodbowl.

Available now on the Android Market:

Hi There!

Hi there and welcome to the blog of Ninjahamster Studios, developers of top class Android applications.

This page is in currently in progress and will soon contain details of all the applications currently in development and links on where to purchase/download them for free.

Come back soon.